Legal Kentucky Gambling Sites

The best thing about Kentucky is the Kentucky Derby and the exciting betting activities it generates. Kentucky does not have much of a gambling industry; players can involve in pari-mutuel betting and play the lottery. The state has not even regulated form of online gambling this paving the way for full legalization of the activity.

Kentucky gambling laws tend to be confusing, and even after checking them out, Kentucky residents continue wondering if playing at offshore online gambling sites is legal. On this page, we try to give clear answers to all questions regarding legal online gambling in Kentucky. Residents of Kentucky can also sign up at any of the various online gambling sites listed here.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Kentucky?

Kentucky does not have any laws dealing with online gambling although the state can argue that its existing laws apply to online gambling. Kentucky hasn’t legalized any form of online gambling and considers all forms of online gambling to be illegal. Simultaneously, the state lacks any law that clearly states that Kentucky players ought not to be playing at offshore online gambling sites. The state has so far never charged any of its residents for illegal online gambling.

The state of Kentucky, however, has made things very difficult for operators of offshore online gambling sites once in 2008, when it attempted to block over 100 online gambling sites, and again in 2010, when it sought to retrieve losses incurred by Kentucky players at various online gambling sites.

Kentucky Gambling Laws And Statutes

Kentucky is famous for its Kentucky Derby, which generates a lot of horse betting activities and plenty of revenue for the state. While the state is proud of its horse betting industry, it hasn’t regulated many other forms of gambling.

Punishment for erring players and operators depends on how deeply they are involved in the illegal gambling activity. The state usually leaves players alone, erring or otherwise, but focuses heavily on cracking down on operators of unlicensed gambling outfits.

Players can legally bet on dog racing events and horse racing events in Kentucky. One of the best things about living in Kentucky is that the state also permits players to place wagers on horse racing events online. The state also runs a lottery game and offers charity gambling options.

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Legal Online Gambling Sites for Kentucky Residents

Any online gambling site that is not based in Kentucky and does not violate Kentucky’s online gambling laws can be considered legal for Kentucky residents. The state does not offer any legal online gambling options. Neither does it have laws making it illegal for Kentucky players to register at offshore online gambling sites. This leaves Kentucky residents free to sign up at any of the offshore gambling sites that are legal for USA players listed here.

Bovada Sportsbook - Lifetime Bonuses On All Deposits Made By Kentucky Residents

Bovada is an excellent website that provides the best legal online gambling for Kentucky residents. This site has been operating out of the US’ closest ally, Canada, since 1991. The best legal online gambling sites provide an interactive sportsbook, a full featured online casino, and large virtual poker rooms that host weekly and daily tournaments. Bovada is trusted by millions of users from all over the world and is available for the residents of Kentucky to use 24 hours a day. This site is a fine choice for legal gambling from the comfort of your favorite armchair.

Bovada has a unique mobile app gives gamers more chances to playe and it is available to everyone that joins their site. This service is absolutely free of charge. The mobile app is a multi-platform service that allows users to pick up their smart devices and log in from anywhere. Whether you’re on the bus or at the airport, you can be placing your bets online at the sportsbook with Bovada’s mobile app. It’s easy to use. Simply open your browser and log into Bovada’s main site normally and you’ll be automatically redirected to the mobile site where you can play all the different casino games or use the sportsbook. Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal In Kentucky?

Kentucky lacks the legal framework to license and regulate online casino sites, owing to which it does not offer any online casino gaming options to its residents. While it is illegal for operators to run online casinos in Kentucky, the law is silent about the legality of players registering and playing at offshore online casinos. This leaves Kentucky residents free to play at offshore online casinos.

Legal Kentucky Online Casinos
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Is Sports Betting Legal in Kentucky?

Although Kentucky is a great place for horse racing betting, it hasn’t legalized any form of sports betting. Since Kentucky isn't a state that is really know for sports wagering but rather wagering on horses, the laws that deal with sports gambling are really non-existent. Kentucky residents are free to register any Kentucky friendly online sports betting sites as the state has not penalized any of its residents for placing bets with online bookmakers.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Accept Kentucky Residents

All the sports betting sites we have listed here are licensed in remote gambling jurisdictions, run on excellent software platforms, and accept Kentucky players. Residents living in the state of Kentucky can use their accounts to bet on a wide range of local and international sports events while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of bonuses, in-play betting, and informative sports betting blogs.

More Resources For Sports Wagering:

Kentucky Sports Betting Sites
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Is Online Poker Legal in Kentucky?

Online poker is not legal in Kentucky as the state has not legalized online poker gaming and licensed any online poker operator to run online poker rooms. But there are hundreds of Kentucky friendly offshore online poker rooms, licensed at remote gambling jurisdictions, and Kentucky law does not appear to be against players registering at these offshore online poker rooms.

Poker Sites That Accept Kentucky Residents

The online poker rooms we have listed on this page are licensed, secure, regulated, and give top priority to customer satisfaction, responsible gambling, and fair play. They offer great poker bonuses and rewards for loyalty and run a wide range of lucrative poker cash games and tourneys.

Kentucky Poker Sites
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Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
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Land Based Gambling in Kentucky

As far as legal casino gaming is concerned, Kentucky has nothing to offer its residents. The state does not have any land-based casinos although some of its hotels offer slot machine games and video poker games to their customers. If players want to play real money casino games, they have to either travel to casino friendly US states or register at legal offshore online casinos.

Closing Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling For Kentucky Residents

Horse racing is the only bright spot on Kentucky’s gambling scenario. Besides pari-mutuel betting facilities, the state has nothing much for its poker and casino loving populace. Players craving adventurous gambling action simply have to register at offshore online betting sites. The legal online gambling sites we have listed on this page are the safest and the best for Kentucky residents.