Legal Montana Gambling Sites

Montana offers its residents a wide range of regulated gambling options such as lotteries, pari-mutuel betting facilities, and Indian casinos. The state has also modernized its laws in a bid to protect its regulated gambling industry and to legalize sports betting. However, even though legislation has passed for mobile sports wagering apps, they have yet to be introduced and online gambling sites are still a bit limited.

This page is our way of informing Montana residents that it is legal for them to register for real money gambling at licensed offshore online gambling sites. We have also presented a list of well-researched online casino sites, sportsbooks, and poker rooms for Montana players to choose from. Besides, this page contains answers to all queries regarding online gambling legalities players in Montana might ask.

Is Online Gambling Legal In Montana?

Montana does have specific Internet gambling laws, through which the state clearly informs its residents that online gambling is not allowed. But it is worth noting that these laws are not directed towards individual players, but toward operators. It is not legal for operators to run online gambling businesses from Montana, but quite legal for individual players to sign up at online gambling sites that are not based in Montana, but operate from remote locations. It is also worth noting that the Montana government has so far not charged any online gambler with a crime for doing so.

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Montana Online Gambling Laws And Statutes

Montana is also one of the few US states that have recently modified its gambling laws, making them very harsh, especially for those who try to operate gambling businesses in the state. The state’s gambling laws focus on protecting its regulated industry, and players who take part in any game not authorized, legalized, or licensed by the state can be charged with a penalty (though it is not likely).

Montana offers legalized pari-mutuel betting facilities for its residents, enabling them to place bets on the outcomes of horse racing and dog racing events. Montana is also home to a number of Indian casinos. Besides, players can take part in a state-operated lottery game.

The law accepts social games, provided nobody makes a profit out of them. Certain forms of charity gambling, such as raffles, bingo, and keno, are also accepted by the state. Most recently sports betting was legalized in the state through sports wagering kiosks and mobile sports betting apps.

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Legal Online Gambling Sites for Montana Players

Any offshore online gambling site is legal for Montana residents, provided it does not operate in Montana and violate the state’s gambling laws. The state does not permit any online gambling business within its jurisdiction, but has no laws preventing its residents from signing up for real money play at licensed online gambling sites.

BetOnline Sportsbook - First Class Sportsbook And A Full Casino and Poker Room

The people of Montana don’t need to do any traveling if they’re looking to have some fun gaming. They can log into the best online gambling site by using their internet browsers and connecting to BetOnline. BetOnline has been operating since 1991 and its based out of the Republic of Panama, a close and trusted ally of the United States. This site offers millions of players from around the globe a chance at winning a fortune with their online casino features virtual table games, an extensive sportsbook with hundreds of lines and multiple ways for wagering, and a large card lobby that gives players a chance to win thousands of cash prizes every week.

There are laws in the United States that limit the transactions between financial institutions and gaming organizations. The limitations of the transfer of electronic currency by the UIGEA made the online sites accept different kinds of currency. To ensure legal deposits and player safety, BetOnline will accept all forms of deposits. They give players options, like the ease of using a credit/debit card or an electronic transfer of currency like bitcoin. Also, players can mail their deposits into BetOnline and these funds will be available immediately to the players’ accounts as soon as the deposit is received. Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal in Montana?

Montana does not allow any operator to run online casino gambling services within its jurisdiction, but it has nothing in its law books preventing its residents from signing up at licensed offshore online casinos, such as the ones we have listed here. These casinos have desirable features such as 24/7 customer care service, large progressive jackpots, rewards for loyalty, lucrative promotions, and generous bonuses.

Legal Montana Online Casinos
Casino Bonuses
100% up to $200 Bonus
400% to $4,000 Casino Bonus
100% up to $777 Bonus
200% up to $1,000 Bonus
100% up to $747 Bonus
200% Casino Bonus Available
200% up to $2,000 Bonus
100% up to $500 Bonus 10x

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Montana?

Montana is one of those four US states that have been exempted from federal laws banning states from legalizing sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. They have since expanded their sports betting laws to also permit sports wagering kiosks and a mobile sports wagering app run by the lottery. But, since there is only one sole operator in the state, residents may find it difficult to shop lines. The only option left for Montana punters is to wager at offshore online sports betting sites, and fortunately for them, Montana laws do not prevent them from doing so.

Legal Sports Betting Sites + Online Sportsbooks that Accept Montana Residents/Players

The online sportsbooks we have listed here not only accept Montana punters but also welcome them with attractive free bets and match bonuses. Montana punters can use the facilities available to place bets on a wide range of local, national, and international sports events. Some of these online sportsbooks feature blogs, in-play betting, mobile betting, live video streaming, and many other desirable facilities.

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Montana Sports Betting Sites
Other Features
Visit Sportsbook
Bovada Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To BetOnline Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Sportsbetting

Is Online Poker Legal For Montana Residents?

Montana does not permit any online poker business in its jurisdiction, but has no laws to prevent players from joining online poker rooms operating from foreign countries.

Legal Online Poker Sites that Accept Montana Residents/Players

We have thoroughly researched the following online poker rooms before coming to conclusion that they are the best online poker rooms for Montana residents. These poker rooms have banking method safe and convenient for Montana residents to use. Besides, they have attractive features such as large bonuses, lucrative promotions, rewards for loyalty, and 24/7 customer support.

Montana Poker Sites
Deposit Bonuses
Avg. Players
Play Poker Now
Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
BetOnline Poker - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To BetOnline

Land Based Gambling Options in Montana

Montana has a large number of Indian casinos. Although they do not offer Las Vegas style gambling, they can keep recreational players amused for hours. Most of them are open round the clock, offering a wide range of popular casino games such as slots, video pokers, and table games.

Some of the Indian casinos in Montana are 44 Bar, Billings Hotel and Casino, Casino Emerald City, Cellar Casino and Restaurant, Gold Dust Casino, Crystal Casino, Dad's Bar, and Cat’s Paw Cardroom.

Final Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling In Montana

Although Montana is literally overflowing with legalized casino gaming and pari-mutuel betting options, it still cannot satisfy seasoned gamblers craving the high adventures of high stakes gambling and online poker. Owing to this reason, Montana players are signing up for real money play in large numbers at offshore online gambling sites. The state has absolutely no gambling laws that make it illegal for players to play real money games online.