Legal West Virginia Gambling Sites

Though not an ideal place for gamblers, West Virginia offers regulated gambling options such as lottery games, casinos and racinos, and pari-mutuel betting facilities. The state has not regulated online gambling.

This page provides valuable information regarding online gambling legalities in West Virginia, besides informing West Virginia residents that it is perfectly legal for them to gamble at offshore online gambling sites. We have also provided a list of well-researched online gambling options that accept residents from West Virginia.

Is Online Gambling Legal in West Virginia?

West Virginia, like many other US states, did consider the pros and cons of legalizing intrastate online gambling, but has not yet passed any online gambling bill. The state’s law books do not have any specific laws pertaining to online gambling; besides, the state has so far not penalized any of its residents for playing real money games online.

West Virginia, however, has a set of laws that specifically make unregulated gambling illegal and these laws could likely apply to online gambling. But for the time being, there is really nothing in West Virginia’s laws books that online gamblers should be afraid of.

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West Virginia Gambling Laws And Statutes

West Virginia, though not a great state for gambling, has a wide range of regulated gambling options for residents as well as tourists. Any form of gambling that is not legalized and regulated by the state is considered to be illegal in West Virginia. The state’s definition of gambling, though not direct, is so broad that it can be interpreted in any number of ways.

The penalties for illegal gambling are lighter for players than they are for operators of illegal gambling outfits. While illegal gambling could be either a misdemeanor or a felony for operators, it is just a minor offence for players.

West Virginia has legalized lottery games, along with pari-mutuel betting on a wide range of dog and horse racing events at the state’s licensed race tracks. The state also has a commercial casino. West Virginia does not permit any social gambling, but some forms of charity gambling are permitted.

Legal Online Gambling Sites for West Virginia Residents

Owing to the lack of proper online gambling laws in West Virginia, residents can legally play at any offshore online poker room, online casino site, and online sportsbook, such as the ones we have listed on this page.

Bovada Sportsbook - Better Juice Than Any Land Based Sportsbook With More Options

West Virginia patrons are lucky to have the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town, and the Mountaineer in New Cumberland, but besides these and a handful of other options, finding some great betting action can be tough. This is why we are introduction you to the best legal online gambling site for West Virginia residents. We are talking about Bovada, an online smorgasbord of gambling excitement. From sports betting and no-limit poker, to over 150 casino games, this site has it all.

Our favorite aspect of Bovada has to be the abundance of mobile features. You can access the sportsbook from your iPhone, Tablet, Android, or any other device that connects to the internet, and there is now download needed. You can install the great poker software to play against others on your device, and the virtual casino is accessible as well. This gives you unprecedented access and an extreme amount of fun and convenience. Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal in West Virginia?

Online casinos are legal in West Virginia as long as they do not operate in West Virginia and do not violate any of its gambling laws. Any online casino that is licensed in a remote gambling jurisdiction and accepts West Virginia players can be considered legal for its residents. On this page, we have listed the best online casinos for West Virginia punters in terms of bonuses, software, rewards for loyalty, promotions, and progressive jackpots.

Legal West Virginia Casinos
Casino Bonuses
100% up to $200 Bonus
400% to $4,000 Casino Bonus
100% up to $777 Bonus
200% up to $1,000 Bonus
100% up to $747 Bonus
200% Casino Bonus Available
200% up to $2,000 Bonus
100% up to $500 Bonus 10x

Is Sports Betting Legal in West Virginia?

Federal laws do not permit West Virginia to legalize sports betting, owing to which the state cannot offer any legal sports betting options for its residents. Since the state does not have any proper online sports betting laws, there is nothing to prevent West Virginia punters from placing bets at licensed offshore online sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks/Sports Betting Sites that Accept West Virginia Residents/Players

The following online sportsbooks are ideal for West Virginia punters as they are all licensed and regulated in remote gambling jurisdictions. Besides accepting punters from West Virginia, these sportsbook give away attractive bonuses and free bets, along with fair odds on a wide range of local, national, as well as international betting markets. Players can also find special features such as live video streaming, free picks and sports betting tips, match analysis, and others at these online sportsbooks.

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West Virginia Sports Betting Sites
Other Features
Visit Sportsbook
Bovada Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To BetOnline Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Sportsbetting

Is Online Poker Legal in West Virginia?

West Virginia does not have any legal online poker rooms as the state lacks the regulatory framework required to license and regulate operators of online poker sites. However, there is nothing in the state’s law books, which states that it is against the law for residents to play poker for real money online.

Poker Sites that Accept West Virginia Residents/Players

We have carefully researched and handpicked the following online poker rooms for West Virginia poker players. The online poker sites listed here are licensed and regulated and form parts of reputed gambling companies. Besides welcoming new players with grand, easy-to-clear bonuses, these online poker sites offer free as well as real money poker, giving players numerous opportunities to kick start an eventful poker career.

West Virginia Online Poker Sites
Deposit Bonuses
Avg. Players
Play Poker Now
Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
BetOnline Poker - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To BetOnline

Land Based Gambling in West Virginia

West Virginia offers plenty of legal pari-mutuel facilities at its licensed race tracks, which are also allowed to offer video poker games. The state is also home to a handful of commercial casinos, which accept anybody above the age of 18 and offer games such as slots, keno, poker, and blackjack.

West Virginia is home to casinos and racinos such as Charles Town Races and Slots, Wheeling Downs, and Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort.

Closing Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling For West Virginia Residents

In spite of its regulated gambling options, West Virginia is not the ideal state for the avid gambler craving high-stakes gaming, sports betting, poker tournaments, and progressive jackpot games. Players who want the ultimate gambling experience have no other option, but that of signing up at licensed offshore online gambling sites. Players can rest assured that there is no law in West Virginia that prevents residents from doing so.