Legal North Carolina Gambling Sites

North Carolina has regulated lottery gambling and a few forms of casino gambling, but not enough to satisfy the enthusiastic gambler. Players can, however, take advantage of the state’s lack of online gambling laws to sign up at licensed offshore online gaming sites to fill any of their gambling needs.

Anyone worried about vague gambling laws both at the federal and state levels can keep reading to learn more about what will actually happen if you gamble online in North Carolina. Most residents are unaware that there are really no laws, at either level, that prevent players from turning to the web to get their gamble on. On this page, we have presented the best legal online gambling options for those living in North Carolina who want the freedom to gamble how they choose but still stick to safe environment.

Is Online Gambling Legal in North Carolina?

North Carolina has no laws that deal with online gambling. The state’s gambling laws do state that it is illegal for players to wager on chance-based games unless they are regulated by the state and offered at state-licensed premises. These laws could be said to be applicable to online gambling, but it is very hard to put this into practice, which is why the state has not prosecuted any online player so far.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it can be safely stated that it is not against the law for North Carolina residents to play at online gambling sites. We do recommend sticking to websites that are not based in the U.S. as they can not be forced to turn over any records to U.S. authorities... even the IRS.

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North Carolina Gambling Laws And Statutes

North Carolina has regulated certain forms of gambling and is very unfriendly towards all forms of unregulated gambling in its territory. If players in North Carolina want to gamble, they must visit a state-licensed gambling outfit. Playing under any other circumstance is a punishable offence although North Carolina takes more pleasure in cracking down on illegal operators than on players who take part in illegal games.

North Carolina gamblers can take part in state-operated lottery games. The state also has an Indian casino and has recently permitted it to expand its gaming offerings. Besides, it permits licensed organizations to organize raffle and bingo events to raise funds for worthy causes.

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Legal Online Gambling Sites for North Carolina Residents

Owing to the lack of online gambling laws preventing citizens from registering at online gambling sites and to the absence of online gambling facilities in North Carolina, it can be considered legal for North Carolina residents to play at licensed offshore online poker rooms, online sportsbooks, and online casinos. Players can play casino and poker games online for real money and bet on a wide range of sports events at legal online sportsbooks.

Bovada Sportsbook - Live in Game Betting And A Very Mobile Friendly Website

North Carolina is a state full of hard workers, which is evident by all of the products that are produced there, from furniture to textiles, to berries of all kinds. Hard workers need a way to let off some steam once their long shift is over, what better way to do that than by using Bovada, the best online gambling site in North Carolina. Bovada is a legal betting site that has been operating out of Quebec, Canada for two decades. Bovada offers North Carolina residents the ability to enjoy all the things a casino has, except you don’t have to leave home. Bovada has sportsbooks, casino games like slots, poker, and horseracing.

You have to be 18 years or older to join Bovada, but in some states the legal betting age can be 21. Be sure to check what the requirements are for your state. Signing up with Bovada is free and only takes about 5 minutes. Bovada accepts members from North Carolina and from all over the US. Many North Carolina residents have already joined and they are enjoying all the advantages and rewards that Bovada has to offer. Grab a beer, put up your feet, and relax while you make your future fortune with Bovada. Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal In North Carolina?

Although operating online casinos is legally impossible in North Carolina, the state does not crack down upon individuals playing poker games online. Owing to the lack of clear and concise online casino gaming laws in the state, players can sign up at offshore online casinos in peace of mind.

Check out a few of the casinos that the staff here at recommends when playing all your favorite casino games. A few of these casinos have exclusive bonuses for North Carolina residents.

Legal North Carolina Casinos
Casino Bonuses
100% up to $200 Bonus
400% to $4,000 Casino Bonus
100% up to $777 Bonus
200% up to $1,000 Bonus
100% up to $747 Bonus
200% Casino Bonus Available
200% up to $2,000 Bonus
100% up to $500 Bonus 10x

Is Sports Betting Legal in North Carolina?

Sports betting is not technically legal or illegal in North Carolina but rather it is made illegal by the U.S. Government. Still, if players want to bet on their favorite sports events legally, they can do so by registering at offshore online sportsbooks which are outside of the U.S. jurisdiction. North Carolina law does not prevent residents from going offshore nor is there anything to physically stop you, so you are free to bet sports without worry of any trouble.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Accept North Carolina Residents

Several online sportsbooks accept North Carolina residents and allow them to wager on local teams as well as international sports events. Punters can register at these online sportsbooks to get the best betting odds, keep themselves updated on the latest happenings in the sports betting industry, and claim the best bonuses, rebates, and reduced juice offers.

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North Carolina Sports Betting Sites
Other Features
Visit Sportsbook
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Is Online Poker Legal in North Carolina?

North Carolina does not permit any gambling operator to run online poker rooms in its jurisdiction. Although the DoJ has given its green signal, the state appears to be in no hurry to legalize online poker gaming. Since there are no law criminalizing playing online poker, North Carolina residents are free to register at licensed offshore online poker rooms.

Poker Sites That Accept North Carolina Residents

Fortunately for North Carolina players, a wide range of topnotch online poker rooms accept North Carolina players. They can use convenient banking methods to fund their online poker accounts and play in dollars. The online poker rooms listed on this page run on sophisticated software and implement the latest security technology to protect their customers. North Carolina players can therefore play the best online cash games and tournaments in a secure and licensed gambling environment.

North Carolina Poker Sites
Deposit Bonuses
Avg. Players
Play Poker Now
Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
BetOnline Poker - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To BetOnline

Land Based Gambling in North Carolina

Gamblers in North Carolina do not have a wide choice when it comes to land casino gaming. If they want to wager real money on casino games, they have to head over to Cherokee Casino, which is required to offer games of skills with maximum return-to-player percentage of 98.

Cherokee Casino does not offer any table games, but players can choose from a wide range of video poker variant, video slots, and video table games, which have special features such as nudge and hold incorporated into them to make them more skill-based and compliant with the state’s gambling laws. Players need to be over 21 years of age to gamble at Cherokee Casino.

Closing Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling For North Carolina Residents

With just one Indian casino and a few lottery games, North Carolina is a boring place for any gambling enthusiast. However, North Carolina players are not denied the pleasures of online gambling. As long as they have a computer with Internet connection, they can sign up at any licensed online gambling site. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse.