Legal Colorado Gambling Sites

Colorado has regulated certain forms of gambling such as Indian casinos, riverboat casinos, pari-mutuel betting, and lottery gaming. The state, though sympathetic toward online gambling issues, has not taken any steps to legalize online gambling so far.

Page Intro    Colorado gambling laws can be a source of confusion to many of its residents, especially those who want to play at offshore online gambling sites. This page informs residents how to play legally at offshore online poker rooms, online casinos, and online sportsbooks while giving a brief overview of Colorado’s land and online gambling laws.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Colorado?

According to the official Colorado state web portal, Revenue Department, Division of Gaming, online gambling is illegal under federal as well as state laws. The website states that Colorado’s gambling laws clearly prohibit the transmission of gambling information and cites the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 and the federal Wire Act of 1961. The website then gives a list of the various dangers associated with online gambling.

However, the truth is that Colorado’s online gambling laws, if any, are not targeted at players, but at operators of online gambling sites. Although Colorado’s existing law can be said to be applicable to online gambling, they are too weak to be used against any individual online gambler. So far, the state has not prosecuted any individual online gambler.

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Colorado Gambling Laws And Statutes

Colorado has a set of powerful gambling laws and a very broad definition of “gambling,” which can be interpreted in several ways. The state cracks down fiercely on unlicensed operators running illegal gambling businesses in its jurisdiction. The only way to gamble legally in Colorado is to do so in state-licensed gambling venues. Although the state has a set of strict penalties, it tends to be lenient toward erring players, but operators of unlicensed gambling outfits are in danger of getting a fine or a prison term or both.

Colorado offers a set of interesting regulated gambling options, such as horse race betting and dog race betting. Besides, residents can take part in the state-operated lottery game. The state also has a sprinkling of licensed casinos that offer table games and slot machine games. Besides, Colorado allows certain licensed organizations to hold bingo games and raffles as fund raisers.

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Legal Online Gambling Sites for Colorado Residents

Since Colorado does not have any player-specific online gambling laws, which clearly state that it is illegal for players to wager real money at online gambling sites, players of Colorado are free to register at offshore online gambling sites. Any online gambling site that is licensed and regulated at a remote gambling jurisdiction and does not violate Colorado’s gambling laws can be considered legal online gambling sites. We have listed a number of Colorado friendly online poker rooms, online sports betting sites, and online casinos on this page.

SportsBetting Sportsbook - Legal Sportsbook That Accepts All Colorado Residents

In 1908, Denver, Colorado issued the first license plate ever for a car. Colorado has always been a progressive state, and that is why SportsBetting is the best online gambling site for Colorado residents. SportsBetting is a well established site based in the Republic of Panama and has been in operation for two decades. SportsBetting is a legal betting site because it is overseas. Being overseas, this site is out of the jurisdiction of state and federal regulations, making it absolutely legal to place bets with. There are also no laws in affect that state Colorado residents cannot place bets with overseas gambling sites. This site did not just spring up out of nowhere. Actually, it has developed an overwhelmingly good reputation with members.

SportsBetting has an array of special features. Mobile betting with SportsBetting is free, and there is no downloading required. You just simply go to and once there, you can enjoy all the betting lines and wagering slips instantly. SportsBetting in-game betting is live odds on current games and events. Live betting also lists all the upcoming games. SportsBetting utilizes all the best java and flash technology to insure clear and concise betting graphics. With these illustrious features, you can bet with ease and in your PJ’s. Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal In Colorado?

Any online casino licensed in a remote gambling jurisdiction can be considered a legal casino in Colorado. There are no online casinos based in Colorado as the state has no regulatory framework in place to license online casino gambling operators. This leaves residents of the state of Colorado free to register at any of the websites listed for real money online casino gaming further down on this page.

Legal Colorado Casinos
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400% to $4,000 Casino Bonus
100% up to $777 Bonus
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100% up to $747 Bonus
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Is Sports Betting Legal in Colorado?

Sports betting, whether online or land based, is not legal in Colorado, but owing to the state’s lack of online sports betting laws, Colorado residents are free to register at any offshore online sports betting site.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Accept Colorado Residents

Colorado residents hunting for sports betting sites need look no further than the list below. We have carefully researched these online sports betting sides and found that they are the best for Colorado residents in terms of betting markets and customer care. Some of them offer fabulous features such as informative blogs, live betting, and mobile betting facilities.

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Colorado Sports Betting Sites
Other Features
Visit Sportsbook
Bovada Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To BetOnline Review Full Casino - Full Poker Room Go To Sportsbetting

Is Online Poker Legal in Colorado?

Colorado does not offer its residents any legal online poker options. Simultaneously, it has no laws in place to prevent its residents from signing up at real money online poker sites, licensed in offshore gambling jurisdictions.

Poker Sites That Accept Colorado Residents

The poker sites we have listed here accept Colorado players and offer them plenty of free as well as real money poker, which includes chances unlimited to build their poker bankrolls. These poker sites offer plenty of opportunities for players to qualify for prestigious live poker events such as the World Poker Tour (WPT).  

Colorado Poker Sites
Deposit Bonuses
Avg. Players
Play Poker Now
Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
BetOnline Poker - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To BetOnline

Land Based Gambling in Colorado

The official website of the state’s Revenue Department states that the Colorado has formed gaming compacts with its Indian tribes, according to terms of which the state’s two Indian tribes are free to run land-based casinos. Colorado’s Indian casinos offer games such as poker, craps, roulette, blackjack, and slots. The state’s gambling laws prevent an individual bet from exceeding $100.

Indian casinos located in Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek offer casino games for 24 hours per day. Colorado also has a few riverboat casinos, which are located on River Crystal.

Closing Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling For Colorado Residents

While Colorado can keep recreational players busy, it is a boring state for those seeking the thrills of progressive slot machines and high-stakes poker. Colorado players looking for the ultimate gambling experience are free to sign up at legal online gambling sites. There is nothing in the state’s gambling laws to prevent players from doing that.