Online Gambling Sites For Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin has regulated a considerable portion of its gambling industry, owing to which players can play lottery and casino games and bet on horse racing events in a safe and regulated atmosphere. However, the state has not yet legalized online gambling.

If you're looking to know more, is here to provide accurate information regarding online gambling laws in Wisconsin. Besides making issues related to online gambling legality clear to Wisconsin players, we also present a list of legal online gambling sites where Wisconsin residents can play for real money.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin does not have any online gambling laws targeting its residents. The state does have a law that makes it illegal for anybody to knowingly transfer gambling-related information, but this law applies to online gambling operators, not to players. This suggests that the state has no proper player-specific online gambling laws, owing to which they are free to register at licensed offshore online gambling sites.

Wisconsin Gambling Laws And Statutes

Wisconsin has regulated several forms of gambling and guards it regulated gambling industry with a set of strict laws. The state adopts a policy of zero tolerance for unregulated gambling and does not hesitate to use its laws to crack down upon those who run unlicensed gambling businesses in its jurisdiction. However, the state is quite lenient toward players caught taking part in illegal games.

Wisconsin allows its players to take part in lottery games, visit Indian casinos, and bet on outcomes of horse racing events at licensed horse racing tracks. However, placing bets in any unregulated place is against the law. It is also illegal for players to conduct and take part in social games although nobody makes a profit out of those games.

The state has regulated some forms of charity gambling, strictly monitored by the Wisconsin Department of Administration. The state’s list of accepted charity games includes raffles and bingo, but not poker.

Legal Online Gambling Sites for Wisconsin Residents

Although the state of Wisconsin does not offer any legal online gambling options for its residents, there is nothing in the state’s laws preventing is residents from gambling at legal online gambling sites.

Wisconsin residents can sign up at a wide range of online poker rooms, online casinos, and online sports betting sites licensed in offshore gambling jurisdictions.

SportsBetting Sportsbook - Wisconsin Residents Are Welcome At This Legal Site

Wisconsin has eleven Indian casinos spread throughout the state, but players might not be aware that they don’t even have to leave the house if they feel like placing a bet on a sports game, playing some real money poker, or hitting a virtual casino floor. SportsBetting is the best legal online gambling site for Wisconsin residents, and it would be well worth any wagering fan’s time to check it out. SportsBetting isn’t just about sports (even though the book is one of the industry’s best), they also offer amazing poker and casino action for players from all over the world.

Wisconsin casino goers can stay at home and participate in the live dealer $25 free play at SportsBetting for a great and profitable time. If your first $25 bet loses in the live dealer casino, the site will reimburse you with a full refund. They do this because they know that once you try the live dealer casino, you will keep coming back because it is simply awesome.Signup Now!

Are Online Casinos Legal In Wisconsin?

Since Wisconsin has no online casino gaming laws targeting its residents, playing at offshore online casinos is legal in Wisconsin. However, it is illegal for operators to run online casinos within the state.

Online Casinos That Accept Wisconsin Residents

Fortunately for Wisconsin’s casino-loving residents, a number of online casinos are Wisconsin friendly. The casino site we have listed here are highly reputed brands, licensed and regulated in offshore gambling jurisdiction. While complying with Wisconsin’s gambling laws, they offer a wide range of games and run lucrative promotions.

Legal Wisconsin Casinos
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100% up to $200 Bonus
400% to $4,000 Casino Bonus
100% up to $777 Bonus
200% up to $1,000 Bonus
100% up to $747 Bonus
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Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

Betting on sports events is against the law in Wisconsin depending on where and how the bet is actually placed. Since the state has neither framed any player-specific sports betting laws nor attempted to legalize online sports betting, signing up at offshore online sportsbooks allows residents of Wisconsin to bet on sports in a manner which will not lead to any legal troubles.

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Accept Wisconsin Residents

We have listed here a wide range of well-researched online sportsbooks suitable for Wisconsin punters. Residents of Wisconsin can find betting odds on a wide range of local and international markets, grab free picks and free bets, and access blogs maintained by sports betting experts at these sites. These online sportsbooks have excellent customer care service and process payouts quickly.

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Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites
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Is Online Poker Legal in Wisconsin?

Running an online poker room in Wisconsin is against the law. Simultaneously, the state’s laws do not make it illegal for any player to play real money poker online. Under these circumstances, playing online poker in Wisconsin is quite legal.

Poker Sites That Accept Wisconsin Residents

We have handpicked the following Wisconsin friendly online poker rooms after thoroughly researching them. The online poker rooms listed here are secure, safe, licensed, and regulated, accepting deposits through a wide range of banking methods and processing payouts quickly. They offer plenty of free poker and allow players to play and interact with professional poker players.

Wisconsin Poker Sites
Deposit Bonuses
Avg. Players
Play Poker Now
Bovada Poker - 47 States $1,000 Max - 100% Match 20,000+ Go To Bovada - 50 States $1,000 Max - 50% Match 8,000+ Go To Sportsbetting
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Land Based Gambling in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a number of Indian tribes that are recognized by the federal government and have formed gambling compacts with the state. Initially, Indian casinos were permitted to offer only blackjack games, but today they offer a wide range of exciting games such as poker, craps, and Caribbean Stud.

The largest Indian casino in Wisconsin is Oneida Bingo and Casino, located in Green Bay. It offers an impressive portfolio of over 2,500 gambling machines. According to the terms of the gambling compact signed with the state, Indian casinos are required to offer only machines with a return-to-player percent of 80 to 100. Anybody above the age of 18 can play bingo in Wisconsin, but players need to be above 21 to try the casino games.

Closing Thoughts About Legal Online Gambling For Wisconsin Residents

Owing to the presence of several Indian casinos, pari-mutuel betting facilities, and a lottery, Wisconsin is a well-regulated and safe gambling venue for players. However, those seeking the thrilling adventure of high-stakes poker and sports betting must register at offshore online poker rooms and sportsbooks. Players can rest assured that they are not going against Wisconsin state laws by doing so.