Legal Payouts From Gambling Sites - How To Withdrawal Money

Whether you are interested in playing at an online casino, betting on the upcoming game at a sportsbook, or trying your hand at poker, the goal is to try and win. Win one bet, win one hand, win one play, it's all the same mission. There are many players who win at online gambling sites, and when it comes the time to get paid out the process should be simple and easy to complete. This is true in most cases, but going in it's good to have proper information about what types of payout options are available to you otherwise red-tape + headaches could accompany the withdrawal experience.

The best online gambling sites that are legal for USA players will not just have one method to pay players out. In fact, it's more like they that will have closer to a half-dozen. Why so many? Well, there are many different types of players which dictate the need for several types of methods. What works for one might not work for another; that is the theme of a withdrawal from a gambling site. And let's face it, the more choices available the more likely it is that users will be satisfied. The payout methods most often accompanying gambling sites are located below, as well as other questions prospective players might have. This includes payout times, payout fees and how to get fast payouts from gambling sites.

Payout Methods Commonly Used By Legal Gambling Sites

Payouts come in many forms, and if you know what you're doing, those withdrawals can be optimized to ensure you are getting the most possible. The fees and other aspects that come into play can all have an effect as well so be sure to do your research before settling on a method.

Company Checks Sent By Courier Service - It's not fancy in an industry that is dominated by the latest technology on the Internet, but it's something that you'll find at every gambling site. Don't expect to find the same check options though, as there can be several. The main thing here is the way it's sent. It can be through the mail, a courier, or can be sent as an ExpressCheck. Most gambling sites will have a flat fee. The ExpressCheck will be about a seven-day send out to the player, while a courier takes about 10 days. The check through the mail takes the longest, anywhere from 14-20 days.

Cash Wired To Physical Location For Pickup - This is the way to go for players who believe time is of the essence. Wire transfer will get users their payouts quickly, sometimes even the day of the withdrawal request. Standard operation procedure puts a payout from a wire transfer to the player within 36 hours. Western Union transfers and MoneyGram are the common methods here. Fees do come along with these options. How much you withdraw will go in line with the fee. As the payout goes up, so too does the fee; though with wire transfers the payout per transaction is usually limited to under $1,000 at one time.

Sending Money Directly Into A Bank Account - A bank wire is kind of like a wire transfer, but not quite. For one, a bank wire maximum amount will almost always be the highest withdrawal limit of any gambling site. It's the nature of this payout type. It won't set any speed records getting to you though, taking approximately 10 days to be received. Fees are small in comparison to the high amounts that can be withdrawn. The limits start high too though so to be eligible you'll have to have a certain amount to withdraw.

Other Forms Of Paper Payments Sent Through Couriers - These payouts can be all over the place in terms of limits. Some sites have high limits close to $10,000 where the minimum is $1,000, while others are much lower. The time is consistent however, taking about 10-14 business days to be received by the better. Flat fees come along with this method in most cases, similar to a check.

Funds Re-Credited To Issuing Debit/Bank Card - Paying players out on a debit card is what this withdraw process is all about. It's a really neat feature. It's not that common though, which is unfortunate because one would think it would be popular. Perhaps it will continue to expand in the future. Visa and MasterCard debit cards are typically the cards that can be used with this avenue. This means that payouts will go directly onto the designated card belonging to the account holder. It takes 3-4 business days, with limits up to $2,500 that start at just $100 for minimum withdrawals.

There are several other variables that come into play when choosing how to get paid. We talked about a few of these earlier but now you can read about some of the terms and details about the particular payout methods mentioned just above... some of the things that players normally miss such as the fees, payout limits, and time it takes for payments to be received.

How Long Payouts Take - What Is The Fastest Way To Get Cash Out Of Gambling Sites?

For players in the United States, it would be the wire transfer. This payment will be received by players within a 12-36 hour window. This is a very quick process so players if they prefer will not have to wait days and weeks with other methods. And what's also nice is that it's not just about getting it fast meaning it will cost you more. It can be relatively cost-effective to use a wire transfer.

Will I Be Charged When Taking Money Out? - Withdrawal Fees + Charges

No, not always... in fact, there are gambling sites that will cover payout fees for players. Examples include one free payout per month, and that's actually quite common. But each payout method will have its set fee for informative purposes on site, should more withdrawal be taken out by the player at a rate greater than once per month.

Typically, fees are not charged when getting money out of online casinos however legal sports betting sites usually charge fees for certain payment methods as do poker websites for US players... sports gambling + poker websites are usually one in the same which is why the theme carries over.

Withdrawal Limits + Restrictions - How Much Can I Withdrawal + How Often?

We got into this a little in the different methods, but the best answer here is that the payout methods will be detailed at the gambling site. Each will not have the same limitations for withdrawal so to start talking about specific ones would not be correct because they can be so different. We recommend checking out our reviews and reading about the limits that come along with them. We have plenty of reviews for all types of gambling sites.

Should I Choose A Gambling Site Based On Their Player Payout Methods?

This really depends on which options are feasible for your needs. The more options that could potentially work for your situation opens the doors to more possibilities when it comes to gambling. That could mean having 10 legal online casinos to choose from opposed to three.

If you want to choose a website based on a specific payout option, it wouldn't be a bad idea but we do recommend that our reviews of the best legal gambling websites are consulted. In those, all of the payout options were thoroughly researched and include every facet of gambling site withdrawals covered on this guide to getting money out of online gambling websites.