Legal Gambling Deposits - Funding Online Gambling Accounts Legally

Among the steps that need to be taken to place bets online is depositing into the account that the player has created. This is done through the signup and registration process where the new account is initially verified, and then the ability to fund is available. Different gambling websites that are legal for U.S. residents will have a variety of methods that users can use to place their deposit and then use those funds to wager on the action they desire.

Depositing into a gambling site is what this page is about. All types of gambling are covered, whether we are talking about a sports betting sites, online poker rooms, or an online casino. Just within these three arenas of gambling there are a multitude of betting options that players can try their hand at, and that doesn't even include horse racing or playing online bingo. The thing that is nice for users is that while there are many differences in the games and bets offered, the deposit methods are quite similar or are the exact same in some cases. Review the funding options at gambling sites and other important info through this content and get familiar with what you can expect.

Common Types Of Deposit Methods That Are Legal For USA

Of the many online gambling deposit methods, there is bound to be at least on that works for you provided that you meet the minimum age to gamble online which happens to usually be the same age that is required to own/obtain/purchase/use these methods. But, do know that the more methods a site is able to offer, the better the chance that they are going to be able to get more players to sign up with them and play so there is a big reason to offer more options as compared to just a few...

American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, etc... - Major credit cards are found at virtually every type of gambling site today. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express and even cards like Discover, Diner's Club and even JCB. A credit card deposit will require the cardholder name to match the name on the account. The card number will need to be given as well as other relevant information. The transaction will go through instantly and charge the card the designated amount specified by the player within the limitations of the gambling site. Depending on which state you live in, certain states with legal gambling options may not be allowed to use their credit cards to deposit into those websites... just be aware.

Also, equally as important are debit + bank cards which carry these same logos. These also work at the majority of legal online gambling websites as long as they have the capability of making international purchases. In some cases, these will work then your bank will call to ask if you made the charge. Simply say yes and there will be no further questions... this is just for your security because sending any amount of money offshore will likely clash with your typical spending habits which raises a flag.

Wire Cash Directly To Gambling Accounts / Websites - Some people don't have a credit card or simply prefer another method. A wire transfer is a type of deposit option that can fill the void. Two common transfer types to be aware of are Western Union and MoneyGram transfers. These are found at many sites, and let users wire money to the gambling site quickly and efficiently. Typically, gambling sites say that the money will be received and deposited in less than an hour after sending the transfer.

Non-Personal Check Paper Drafts - Players have the chance to send off a money order or a cashier's check, which are essentially the same thing. Either one can be handed out at many locations, such as a bank, local retail outlet, or a convenience store. Simply fill in the proper information, send it off, and when it gets there you will have your deposit funded.

Gift Cards (VISA, Amex, MasterCard) - At gambling sites that accept credit cards they will typically accept prepaid versions of those same cards as well. This also translates over to gift cards with those major credit card logos. It's just like depositing with a credit card, though obviously the amount on the card is already set.

Prepaid Cash + Electronic Vouchers - The way a voucher works is by purchasing one at a designated place online that the websites backs. This will be named within the deposit options. Purchase the voucher, and from there the voucher number is what goes into the spot for the deposit. The number will have all of the purchasing information needed for the transaction to be completed.

Now that we've covered the most common types of ways to make a deposit, there is more to explore and find about actually making a deposit into an online gambling website. Questions such as the time it takes to make the deposit, and the different limitations within each, such as the minimum amount to deposit upwards to the maximum.

Deposit Times - How Long It Takes For Money To Be Credited To Your Account

This largely depends on the type of funding method used. For example, the credit card deposit doesn't take long at all, going through just about instantly because of the nature of the process. A wire transfer is also done electronically, but from the time it's sent to the time it's received and deposited can be about 30 minutes to an hour. But, then there is a method like sending off a money order which could take several days for the gambling site to receive it, and the cashier to then credit it to the player's account for real money gambling purposes.

The overall point is that the time will be very specific to the gambling sites, so to say for 100 percent wouldn't be entirely accurate.

How Much Does It Cost To Deposit? - Fees + Charges For Gambling Deposits

There can be some fees that come along with certain methods, such as a fee for a voucher purchase or sending a wire transfer. Gambling sites will typically cover them if a deposit requirement is met. This means that if a player deposits a minimum amount then any fees incurred will be scratched by the site. It is important to be aware of such deposit limits for fees, and what the fees might be if you are funding using a specific method.

How much or if you will even pay any fees is determined by the websites you choose to play with. If you're going to gamble with online casinos, you're likely to never pay any fees for depositing into your account. On the other hand, those who want to bet sports or play online poker could be subject to some nominal fees in the range of 5% when using certain methods which offer more convenience + faster credit times than others.

Deposit Limits - How Much Is Allowed + How Often Can Deposits Be Made?

Again here the answer lies within the context of the question. With gambling sites being plural, we can infer that different sites will have different limits. This area of depositing in particular might have the most variance of any category we talk about. While credit cards might take about the same amount of time for a transaction to be complete there can be a big difference in the minimum + maximum deposit limits.

Plus, another way of looking at limits is the time you must wait between attempting another deposit. One would think they could deposit freely, but this is not the case because of laws like the UIGEA which make life difficult for gambling payment processors located outside of the United States. The point here is that users need to research their desired deposit method, at the gamblign website they choose, to make sure it will fit their needs or if they will need to adjust the amount of their deposit to keep them playing until they are able to make another.

How Do You Know Which Gambling Sites Accept Which Deposit Methods?

You didn't think we'd come this far just to let you down now, did you? would never do that and our goal will always be to set you up for success which is why we've really taken the time to dissect each of the online casinos, sports betting websites, and online poker rooms that accept Americans not only in terms of their deposit options but how users will get paid out as well. But since we're talking about funding accounts, just know that our reports of online gambling websites are very detailed when it comes to fees, times, and limits... both kinds.

Do your part in preparing yourself for success by reviewing these options and choosing the one that fits not only your entertainment needs, but also your financial requirements too!