U.K. Fisherman Reels In Massive Online Slots Jackpot

By: Cynthia Franks
Friday, November 1st, 2013

Legalized online gambling is coming—and in some areas, has already come—to the United States; once it arrives, gamers will have the opportunity to get truly lucky, striking it big with historic online jackpots. Just how much do online gamers stand to win? Only recently, a U.K. fisherman reeled in a monstrous online casino jackpot, ultimately walking away with £5.4 million—the all-time largest payout from an online casino in the United Kingdom.

After winning the huge prize equivalent to over $8.6 million U.S. dollars, the Aberdeenshire man has smartly opted to keep his identity a secret, although it is known that he won his jackpot in the BetVictor slot game.

As it turns out, the fisherman is a longtime enthusiast of online poker and sports betting. He was seduced by the huge jackpots made available in casino slot games online, but says he never thought he could walk away with such a big pot.

This fisherman is hardly the first person to strike it big via an online casino in the U.K. Just half a year ago, another BetVictor member nabbed a similarly historic pot while playing the Mega Fortune slot game.

As the advent of legalized online gaming draws ever closer for many U.S. gamers, players are excited about their own prospects to win big jackpots. Of course, the true winners will be the states and the casinos that rake in the revenues from online gaming. More and more states are eying the legalization of online casinos as a way to improve their flailing revenues.

Already, online poker is legal in Nevada, with both New Jersey and Delaware planning to open their statewide online gaming initiatives within the next few weeks. Additional states, including Illinois and California, are widely predicted to join their ranks over the course of the next year.