Loco Panda Casino Review

As interest continues to grow regarding safe, legal online gambling sites in the U.S., one website keeps coming up in the conversation – Loco Panda Casino. This website is a fast-growing, fun-based online casino site based in Curacao, a Dutch island located off the shores of Venezuela. It’s policies and games have been designed to attract U.S. players looking for a safe, legal and enjoyable place to gamble on their favorite casino-style games of chance. The website is colorful and contains great animation, adding to the fun factor gamers often enjoy.

Today we’ll give you an outline of what you can expect when you visit Loco Panda, and we’ll answer the questions that most often affect if and when you’ll visit a site to determine if it offers the games, the convenience, the security and the accessibility that attentive online players demand. We think you’ll like Loco Panda, for all those reasons and more.

Is Loco Panda Casino Legal For Players In The U.S.?

As indicated, a successful gambling website must take into consideration the fact the U.S. market is filled with people who enjoy online gaming. Thus, making the site not only attractive to players in the U.S., but also legal and safe, is a top priority. Loco Panda has made sure to adhere to the letter of the law in its software applications, its account set-up procedures, and in its payout methods. In doing so, players in the U.S. are assured that, by abiding by the Terms and Conditions listed on the website, they are enjoying this casino experiencing legally.

One of the restrictions listed among the Terms and Conditions applies to age – specifically, “legal age of maturity in his or her country of residence”. Under U.S. law, that’s age 18. According to the Loco Panda website, there’s no age restriction if you want to play for free, and we’ll describe how to do that.

Getting Started At Loco Panda Casino

Registration: If you’ve ever signed up for any type of online account, you’ll find the process at Loco Panda easy to navigate. After going to the “Get Started” page, you’ll simply follow the prompts. The first step is downloading the free software. Your computer will probably want to scan this, and it won’t take long to get a thumbs up. This is totally safe. After the download is complete, it’s just a matter of providing your name, address, e-mail, cell phone number, date of birth – all standard information. 

Download/Installation: Actually, if the joy of the contest is your prime motivation, you can play your favorite games at Loco Panda without actually downloading and installing the RTG software. Simply enter an account name, password and some basic info, and you can start playing the myriad of games offered at Loco Panda.

To play for the opportunity make a real wager and make some real money will require you to download and install the software, for that is where the programs for setting up deposits and payouts may be found.

Casino Software + Games At Loco Panda

Speaking of software, Loco Panda uses the best there is – Real Time Gaming. Not only does the RTG software help make the graphics and animation at Loco Panda second to none, but it also opens up a world of first-class casino gaming while providing all the information you need to improve your chances of walking away a winner. RTG is almost the standard when it comes to sites that are legal for gambling in the U.S. and it is definitely something you should look for when weighing your options.

Those winnings can come from more than fifty different slots, fourteen table games such as blackjack, three-card rummy, baccarat and more, and of course, numbers games like Bingo and Keno. Even slot-based poker-style games can be found at Loco Panda.

Types Of Games Found In Loco Panda's Online Casino

  • Classic Slots
  • 21 / Blackjack + Variations
  • Progressive Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Video Slots
  • Keno
  • Sic Bo
  • Craps
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Roulette
  • Tons More...

Loco Panda Casino Deposit Bonuses - For Slots + Other Games

Loco Panda appreciates its players and demonstrates that appreciation with a variety of deposit bonuses. These bonuses are all designed to boost a user's bankroll whenever he or she makes their first deposit into the casino. That's not saying that they only have first deposit bonuses. In reality, Loco Panda keeps the promotions rolling every week, every month and especially around big holidays / events.

Below are the deposit bonuses that are available at Loco Panda with their bonus codes that will be needed to claim them. Check with the cashier if you are unable to find the place to enter your bonus code. If you deposit and are not granted the bonus you wanted, definitely contact the cashier before gambling a dime of your deposit.

  • Loco Panda Slots Welcome Bonus: 400% to $4,000 (PANDASLOTS)

Because slots are such a wildly popular game here, Loco Panda allows players to earn as much as $4,000 when making their first deposit thanks to a 400% match welcome. If this is the one for you, PANDASLOTS is the bonus code you will be required to produce in order to claim it.

  • Loco Panda Games Welcome: 150% to $3,000 (LOCOTABLES)

Since there is much more to Loco Panda than just slots, this casino made one of the best table games bonuses found anywhere on the net... at least those that are available to U.S. gamblers. Upon making the first deposit, Loco Panda will match it by 150% to a maximum amount of $3,000. The only thing they require is that you be a new user, be making your first deposit and enter the coupon code LOCOTABLES. Bonus can be claimed twice!

  • Loco Panda Keno + Bingo Bonus: 250% to $1,000 (DISCOBALLS)

It's not often that you will find specific bonuses for Keno or Bingo. Normally, these are lumped in with other types of promotions but you generally need to read all the terms and conditions. With this bonus, that's not a problem because using the bonus code DISCOBALLS will earn new depositors as much as $1,000 courtesy a 250% match.

  • Loco Panda Highroller Deposit Bonus: 200% to $2,000 (BIGPANDA)

Are you a big Panda? Well, not literally but that is what Loco Panda calls their highrollers. BIGPANDA is the code required in order to claim the high-roller bonus available at Loco Panda. The 200% matching deposit bonus give users the chance to earn as much as $2,000 but the minimum deposit to qualify is $750... the deposit required to obtain the maximum amount is $1,000 which isn't much more than the minimum. While not very friendly for the masses, for a highroller it is no issue and the other terms of the bonus are very favorable.

What Are The Bonus Rollover Requirements At Loco Panda Casino?

Rollover requirements at Loco Panda are similar to many quality online casino sites. Players may cash out their bonuses after wagering at least the minimum deposit, and the bonus on the deposit, thirty times or more. Table games have a $21.00 minimum deposit. The 150% bonus turns the minimum deposit into $52.50. That free money is available once you have wagered $1,575.00.

Loco Panda Bonuses
Max Bonus (Coupon)
Rollover Amount
Slots Welcome
400% - $4,000 (PANDASLOTS)
30x Rollover
Table Games Welcome
150% - $3,000 (LOCOTABLES)
30x Rollover
Highroller Welcome
200% - $2,000 (BIGPANDA)
30x Rollover
Keno + Bingo Welcome
250% - $1,000 (DISCOBALLS)
30x Rollover

Loco Panda Casino Deposit Methods - How To Deposit

Loco Panda makes this easy. If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can open your account and add funds in several ways. Unfortunately, Loco Panda does not have options for physical deposits at this time. You will need to have access to a credit card, or at the very least, go purchase a prepaid version of an accepted credit card with cash in order to deposit. Check out your options:

  • American Express / VISA + MC - No matter if you are using a credit card, a bank / debit card, or a prepaid version of one of these cards, you can make a deposit into Loco Panda. Generally, credit and debit cards that allow international transactions work the best along with prepaid cards. If your card does not allow international purchases, you may need to find another option like UnionPay.
  • UnionPay - In case your bank puts restrictions on fund transfers to offshore accounts, you can use your credit card to purchase a UnionPay card, which is a third-party card which acts as a “gift card” or voucher and is treated as cash at Loco Panda. Many U.S. players turn to this method because it can be purchased online using VISA or MasterCard, adding just a few extra steps.
  • Other Cards - Two less common forms of credit cards are JCB and Diner's Club. You've probably heard of the latter because Ed McMahon promoted it back in the day, but the other you might no have. Basically, these are international credit cards that work the same as any other card. The only difference between these and the big names is the number of places they are accepted. You won't see many places in the States that accept these (although some do), you will find uses for it online. Another positive is that these are guaranteed to work for gambling deposits.

Does Loco Panda Allow You To Play Their Casino Games For Free?

As indicated earlier, almost all of the games available at Loco Panda can be played just for fun, and for free. Novice players, even those that have installed the software and deposited funds in a play account, can enjoy free games at Loco Panda in order to hone their skills.

Loco Panda Deposit Methods
Min. / Max
Service Fees
Avg. Deposit Time
Debit - Credit - Gift: VISA, MC, AMEX $21 / $1,000 None Or Very Little Credited Instantly
UnionPay $10 / $100 Varies By Amount Credited Instantly

Loco Panda Casino Payout Methods - Getting Paid By Loco Panda

In order to make withdrawals from your account at Loco Panda, you’ll need to fill out a credit card/bank account verification form and provide proof of identity – all for your protection. When Loco Panda is satisfied you are you, they will make you funds available in one of two ways:

  • Bank Wire Transfers - This method involves sending money directly into the bank account of your choosing. You will need to set everything up with the cashier first in order to use it. Things like the bank name, routing number, account number and a few other details will need to be provided in order to process these payouts.
  • Checks via Courier - Another common method for getting paid by Loco Panda is opting to receive a paper check. Loco Panda will provide instructions on how to deposit the check if special circumstances apply in your state. Delivery time is the longest of all methods but the transaction limits are friendly and the method itself is proven.
Loco Panda Casino Payouts
Min. / Max
Service Fees
Avg. Payout Time
Bank Wire $100 / $2,500 Varies, Charged By Bank Less Than One Week
Courier Delivered Checks $100 / $2,500 Varies, Up To $30 Two Weeks Or Less

Contacting Loco Panda Casino - How To Contact Support

This site’s customer service is second to none. It was a call to 1-877-640-3259, and a discussion with a real live human, that provided the complete explanation regarding payouts. Players may also access the live chat online to discuss any questions or issues regarding their Loco Panda experience. Loco Panda customer service may also be reached by e-mail at support@locopanda.com.

  • General Support: 1-877-649-3259
  • Email: support@locopanda.com
  • Live Chat: Found On Website + In Casino Software

Overall Thoughts About Loco Panda's Online Casino

Discriminate gamers generally do not log on to the first gambling site they find and create an account. There are many factors that determine the true quality of an internet-based gambling operation. Players want a legal, secure site that offers stimulating play and a good chance of coming out ahead, both in winnings and enjoyment.

With all of these factors in mind, there is no doubt that Loco Panda deserves its reputation as a fun, safe and legal place to enjoy great casino-style games online.