Daily Fantasy Sites Have Record Breaking Contests In Their First Week

By: Frank Horton
Tuesday, Aug. 25th, 2015

Daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings aim to make millionaires out of Regular Joes as they bring in record-breaking contest numbers for week one in the NFL. These are among the fastest growing legal online gambling sites around, and alot of it is because of contest like these. Each site boasts about prize packages worth billions coming to the start of week one. FanDuel and DraftKings are the two leading names in online daily fantasy sports, and the lead up to week one was fraught with competition. One site would announce its guaranteed prize pool and the other would respond with a bigger and better promise. In the end, both sites will make lucky players multi-millionaires in contests with entry-fees as low as $20.

DFS is still in its infancy as far as skill-based sports contests go, but anything web-based ages in dog years. Experts predict that the multi-billion dollar industry will multiply when football takes over in September. The playing field has remained leveled between FanDuel and DraftKings, even as they each attempt to gain the lead over the other.

Week 1 NFL Contest At The Biggest Daily Fantasy Sites

DraftKings is opening the week with a $10m millionaire maker guaranteed fantasy football contest. This has a guaranteed $10m prize pool, and the player with the highest score will receive $2 million. The contest will begin on Sunday, September 13, and the buy-in will be $20. DraftKings currently hosts satellite tournaments that can gain lucky players’ entry to the millionaire maker for as low as 25 cents. Over 125,000 fantasy teams will at least win back their entry fee, while third place receives $500,000, and second place gets $1 million.

FanDuel has a few contests with handsome rewards on the books for week one. The NFL Sunday million has a $25 entry fee with a salary cap of $60,000. First place will receive $1 million, second will get $350,000, and so on down the line. There is a 1,000 max multi-entry compared to DraftKings millionaire maker, which maxes at 500. FanDuel also has a $1 million Sunday NFL rush contest with an entry fee of $5. First place will receive $100,000, second $40,000, third $20,000, with over 1,600 entries at least breaking even.

Fantasy Football Rules And How To Play

The rules are straight forward, and much simpler than traditional fantasy sports contests. You will pick your dream team in accordance with the salary cap, and hope that your players do well. As of now, the most expensive picks are Julio Jones for wide receiver, Aaron Rodgers for quarterback, and Jamaal Charles for running back.

Winning At Daily Fantasy Sites

Each of these daily fantasy sports sites offers next day payouts via PayPal or check (checks take a bit longer, obviously). Week 1 is looming just around the corner, and football fans from all over the US are getting their teams assembled. The daily fantasy sports business is expected to see a mega-boom coming right along with the financial boom that is happening now. With the projected prize pools, there are going to be plenty of satisfied contestants this season.

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